CuStOm Reborn BaBy Rossin by Jamie Lynn Powers Reborn Doll (18"+Full Limbs) Reborn Babies, Dolls, OOAK Doll, Baby Doll

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💜 When you checkout with "Pay 50% Down Today" you will owe the other 50% before the completed baby will ship to you.
💜 By purchasing this option you are agreeing to pay the remaining balance before you receive the doll.
💜You will receive a bill for the remaining amount due at completion. If unpaid, the doll will not be shipped.
💜 Attempting to coerce shipment of completed baby when not paid in full is an unlawful act classified as extortion.

💜 No Hair: Your baby finish in 10-14 weeks will not have any hair at all.
💜 Soft Painted Hair: Your baby will finish in 10-14 weeks and will have a hint of painted hair.
💜Thick Rooted Hair: Your baby will finish in 14-20 weeks and will have a full head of hair that is hand rooted (2-4 hairs per follicle) complete with baby swirl, sideburns & front hairline
💜 Like Listing Image: Your baby will finish in 16-20 weeks and will be created as closely as possible to your chosen listing image. After checkout, you will receive a link to upload your reference image. *No two babies are identical. Exact match is not guaranteed. However, your baby will be created with as much likeness to the image as possible.

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❤ This baby is soft vinyl with a cloth body NOT SILICONE!
❤ You will choose the baby's hair, skin color and eye color (if applicable)
❤ Real Feel Positional Weighting
❤ Limbs weighted with fine glass beads
❤ 3D Translucent Skin Layering
❤ Peekaboo Veining Throughout
❤ Creases & Fat Rolls Appear Squishy
❤ Custom Blended Color Palette
❤ Powerful Magnet Installed for Pacifier
❤ Pre-approve shipment of baby *When requested in order notes
❤ Full Value Shipping Insurance Is NOT Included
❤ Baby Will Ship In 8-10 Weeks
❤ Order will arrive in two shipments
❤ FREE Gift Ships Shortly After Purchase Followed By Completed Baby
❤ Baby will arrive dressed in a bodysuit/teeshirt & babyfresh scented diaper
❤ COA (if one was provided with the kit)
❤ Baby will be encapsulated in a clear plastic travel bubble surrounded by tissue paper for additional padding
❤ Awake babies receive collector's grade optical acrylic eyes
❤ Eyebrows are softly painted for realism
❤ Eyelashes are rooted on sleeping babies
❤ Awake babies will not receive eyelashes unless you have requested these during checkout
❤ Many prototype artists do not apply/root eyelashes on their awake babies because they look more realistic without them
❤ Babies are weighted realistically according to the size of the sculpt
❤ The cloth body is positionally weighted for an amazing cuddle experience
❤ The baby will curl into your arms when you pick her up just like a real newborn
❤ The head and limbs are also weighted with premium glass beads and sealed with a thick layer of dry polyfil

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❤ Processing Time is 10-20 weeks. *Brand new kits may require 16-24 weeks to complete due to the kit manufacturer's timeline *PLEASE ASK ME BEFORE PURCHASE IF YOU'RE NOT SURE
❤ The images shown are representations of finished babies from the sculpt. The baby in the image is NOT the actual baby you will receive.
❤ Items marked *When requested in order notes means that the item/service WILL NOT BE INCLUDED unless specifically requested IN THE NOTES DURING CHECKOUT.
❤ This Baby is soft vinyl with a premium cloth body and is NOT SILICONE
❤ Please make sure I am the artist for you before you purchase. You can see my work in many skin tones at

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💜My name is Betty J Coffman. I am from Elkton, Virginia and I have been creating reborns since 2013.
💜I have sold more than 1,050 reborn babies to happy collectors all over the world.
💜I am a certified trusted artist with a featured artist page at
💜I am active on many social media platforms with more than 4k followers.
💜I post work in progress images regularly on facebook & instagram.
💜I also maintain a pinterest page and a youtube channel.
💜I am available for customer inquiries throughout the creation process and host a progress page for all buyers.
💜I am available by text message 7 days per week.
💜My personal contact information is provided after checkout.

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💜15-17 inch babies usually weigh around 4 lbs, depending on the sculpt and will wear preemie size clothing in most brands.
💜18-20 inch babies weigh 5-6 lbs depending on the sculpt and will wear newborn size clothing in most brands.
💜21-23 inch babies weigh 6-8 lbs depending on the sculpt and will wear 0-3 mos size clothing in most brands.

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If a poor review is left because a customer failed to READ the terms of sale in the item description the buyer will be reported to Etsy. This action represents extortion because the review system is being manipulated in an attempt to secure shipment of an unpaid item. The seller has the option to pursue litigation for libel, as well. It is the buyers responsibility to READ & UNDERSTAND all terms before purchase. By purchasing on Etsy you have confirmed your acceptance.

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